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Describe all situations where a ball may be dropped onto a putting green. State the Rule numbers (including parts of Rule numbers) and any Decisions that apply to your situations.


Relief is available by dropping on a putting green, including the one being played under the following Rules:

Rules 26-1b, 26-1c, 28b, 28c, 25-1b(ii)b, 25-1c(ii), 24-2b(ii)b, 24-3b(ii)

Also see Decisions 1-4/9 and 1-4/10

In addition, an embedded ball on a wrong putting green could technically be dropped before acting under 25-3.





Previous competition

Thanks to those that entered our last newsletter competition.

A reminder of the task:

A singles match between A and B is stipulated for 18 holes starting at the first tee. Compile a sequence of Rules breaches incurred by Player A to show how quickly he can lose the match to Player B. There are no concessions or disqualification in the match. Include any legitimate Local Rules or Conditions of Competition that you wish. Assume the match is not controlled by a Referee, but it will be assumed without needing to say, that all Rules breaches are claimed in a timely manner by Player B.

The winning entry has again been submitted by Bob Thompson of New Plymouth. Congratulations.

In Bob's answer, Player A lost the match 17&16 at teeing ground of the 2nd hole.  

View Bob's winning entry by clicking here.





Previous competition from May 2012.

A reminder of the task that was set:

Player A plays the par 3, 2nd Hole in Round 1 of a tournament of high standing.  He plays just one stroke at his own ball on the 2nd hole, but he manages to walk away with a legitimate very high score avoiding disqualification. 

The task was to compile a sequence of Rules events to make Player A's score for the hole as high as possible, but each part of a Rule could only be breached once.

There were some interesting answers with some very crazy situations.   The winning entry came from Bob Thompson of New Plymouth. His player managed the conjure up a score of 93 for the 2nd hole.   As you will see in the answer using the link below, it is the nearest thing to impossible you can imagine, but all penalties are legitimate, so Bob takes the small prize we offered.  Half a dozen balls will be on the way to you Bob. Congratulations, it must have taken some time to compile.

View Bob's winning entry by clicking here.