Local Rules

For all Local Rules, it is highly recommended to use the specimen Local Rules provided by the R&A. It avoids the ambiguity that often occurs when clubs try to write their own.

There is a Local Rules creator available at  www.randa.org/en/rog/2019/pages/local-rules-creator

To assist clubs with this issue, we have provided links below to PDF documents. These contain the correct wording for the more common Local Rules.  Clubs are welcome to print these.  Our recommendation is to print them in colour and laminate them. They will stand out and be protected from the weather when displayed on the Local Rules board.

Clean and Place (Closely Mown areas within General Area)*

Clean and Place (In General Area)- Not recommended by Ruling Bodies for Handicap assessment.

Spongy Turf#

Alternative to Stroke and Distance

If advice is needed on wording for any Local Rule not shown above please contact us. We are only too pleased to help. 

*Club committees have the authority to state the distance within which the ball must be placed. 15cms is the most common distance. One club-length is also an acceptable substitution for distance if preferred by the committee.

#Please note this Local Rule does not endorse the unauthorised "Suckered Ball" rule.  See our Hit & Myths section for more information on that subject.